Early Learning Journey

Early Learning Program and Care

In the first years of your child’s life is significantly important, When your child’s learning faith in themselves and those about them, and setting them up with the love of learning, that will last a life time.

We are a family owned and operated long day care with integrated 4 year old Kindergarten and has professional and dedicated educators that provide high quality education and care for all children attending our centres.

We’re for play being the foundation were all the learning happens.


About our Curriculum

Our children of will face many challenges as they entre a vigorously changing world.

Educators implement a curriculum in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standards, reflects individual children.

Based on interests and developments while working alongside of families to participate in our programs sharing information on their child’s interest like, dislikes, these are observed and extended to form the foundation of our program.

Our programs will ensure that

  • Children learn through play, to become confident and involved learners
  • Children are encourage to express themselves through a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Fine and gross motor skills strengthened, using a range of activities.
  • Math and science concepts along with natural aspects of our environments.
  • Language and communication encouraged through staff modelling.
  • Social and emotional and independence skills strengthened.
  • Music and movement activities to encourage physical, social, intellectual and fun area of a child’s development.

We provide an environment that is warm, secure, challenging, and

promote children’s independence, learning and growth development, individuality, creativity and building self-esteem and confidence.

Babies (birth-1 years old)

The beginning of your baby’s journey, our Educators have the knowledge and experience to support their development through their most important first milestones.

Babies learn by doing, and is important to provide them with the right support and stimulus as early as possible to entice them to explore their curiosity in a safe, creative and loving environment.

Our Educators work closely with families to personalise a program that remains flexible to meet the needs to help your baby to grow and flourish.

Babies (1-2 years old)

Your baby’s learning journey. As we know, each baby learns differently.

The key development areas start from the very beginning: language, cognitive, emotional, social and physical.

We to provide a safe, warm environment and allows your baby to feel secure, loved and to build their confidence.

Our Educators value all family input, share suggestions and gather information about your baby’s needs, strengths, progress, wellbeing and development.

As our educators take care of the babies and family so that they feel confident that their baby is in the safest of hands, whom deeply care about your child’s well being, and happy to know that your child is learning and growing in a peaceful and stimulating environment.

Junior Toddlers (2-3 years old)

Toddlers’ learning journey changes dramatically from 2 to 3 years of age as they become more active, bursting with energy and curiosity, flourishing and thriving as they become more independent and develop valuable self-help skills and absorb the world around them.

In a toddler’s development each toddler grows and learns at his or her own pace. Our Educators observe closely to accommodate and plan for each child’s abilities, strengths and interest and to enhance children’s developments.

Our Qualified educators specialise in the Early Childhood Development and the program of play-based learning, So following the Australian Early Learning framework, “Belonging, Being and Becoming”.

At Greenland we love making your child’s time with us fun and a positive experience.

Senior Toddlers (3-4 years old)

Our 3-4 year olds’ program provides every opportunity to prepare your child for a positive start to their kindergarten year.

Our Educators build secure relationships with every child to extend their learning and development.

The 3-4 year olds’ program focuses on building:

  • Self- help skills and confident independence
  • Social and emotional skills (through a variety of focused group activities)
  • Literacy and numeracy (cognitive skills) through play and games
  • Fine motor and gross motor skills
  • Self-expression through language and communication
  • Creativity, deeper thinking and problem solving skills

Our educators are nurturing the minds of young children during their fundamental early years, enhancing and instilling the love of learning that leads to growth,and new abilities and resilience.

Preschoolers / Kindergarten
(4-5 years old)

Kindergarten years are  a critical time for preparing your child for school and life.

Our Kinder program enhances children’s abilities by giving them abundant learning opportunities that involves literacy, numeracy, emotional and social development and more.

We provide an environment that is interactive and educational where children can play, explore and discover the natural world.

The Early Years Learning framework has a strong emphasis on play-based learning creating, the perfect environment  for children’s development.

At Greenland we offer a government-approved funded Kindergarten program conducted by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher.

Our curriculum is flexible and child-led.Following children’s interests and building on them with play-based learning while ensuring that all the five major learning areas are continually being worked upon.

Our Kinder Program incorporates:

  • A strong focus on early childhood literacy and numeracy
  • Creative arts to enhance every opportunity
  • Practical skills such as name and writing practice
  • Discovering the joy of reading
  • Emotionally preparedness and learning to become resilient individuals

When our Kinder children are encouraged to be independent and confident life-long learners who feel empowered to explore their curiosity. We enhance on the children’s development and abilities involving gross and fine motor skills.

Our children prepared for their first year of school with a range of developmental skills.

Our Kinder Program runs throughout the year offering full-time care as your child learns.